90 Day Fiance: Jenny And Sumit COVID Positive - Stephanie Faces Warnings.
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90 Day Fiance: Jenny And Sumit COVID Positive – Stephanie Faces Warnings.

The biggest thing from 2020 must be the pandemic caused by COVID-19 across the world. Moreover, the virus has affected more than 160 million people till now and is still going on.

Likewise, many of our beloved casts from many shows have also been diagnosed with coronavirus. So today, we will be talking about 90 Day Fiance casts that have been diagnosed by it.

Hope you are safe and are taking care of yourself. Also, don’t forget to wear masks and use sanitizers often.

Now, getting onto our topic, the first 90 Day Fiance stars must be Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh. After Jenny relocated from Palm Springs, California to India to be with Sumit, the couple has been sharing COVID-19 diagnosis together.

The couple shared the news in their joint Instagram account thanking the fans for their prayers. Also, they thanked the fans for their wishes and mentioned that they were COVID positive.

Whereas, Sumit’s last post on Instagram was a picture of Jenny in a restaurant. He also captioned it saying how he loved the adorable restaurant. And, looks like the couple had a great time.

Stephanie’s COVID-19 Claims.

On the other hand, Stephanie Davison recently faced a serious warning from the Michigan Attorney General with a notice. As many fans know, Stephanie runs a weight loss clinic that is based on sermorelin injections named Envy Skin.

When Stephanie appeared in WOOD TV’s Eight West program, she mentioned how she never got COVID-19. Moreover, she mentioned that it was because of the sermorelin injection. Also, she said she will never get it now.

However, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services proved that Stephanie’s claims were false as there was no evidence that sermorelin was effective against the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Stephanie has been given ten days to comply and take back the COVID-19 claims. And, the clinic’s website also only includes the benefits of sermorelin vaccinations but has no side effects listed.

Stephanie was served a notice that mentioned that she was trying to make a profit from the COVID-19 pandemic by exaggerating the benefits of sermorelin. So she needs to comply or will be filed a civil lawsuit. Or, the Michigan Attorney General will commence a formal investigation.

Also, the main problem is that customers will pay and buy Stephanie’s products instead of getting a free vaccination. However, one consumer mentioned the sermorelin efficacy against the virus was predatory and awful instead.

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