90 Day Fiance: Meet Danielle Jbali's Perfect New Man.
90 Day fiance

90 Day Fiance: Meet Danielle Jbali’s Perfect New Man.

90 Day: The Single Life star Danielle Jbali has found herself a new man. Safe to say, unlike her ex Mohammed, he seems to be very loyal and doesn’t lie.

90 Day Fiance: Meet Danielle Jbali's Perfect New Man.
Caption: Danielle Jbali and Ex Mohamed Jbali.

Danielle surely is thriving in the new 90 Day spin-off. The single life was doing a favor to her but things seem pretty good now that she’s found herself a new partner.

Moving on, when we saw Danielle with Mohammed in 2nd season, we knew they were not compatible. Hence, as we expected, they got separated. However, the single life was great for Danielle.

She got into nursing school, she started giving more attention to her health, everything good.

Furthermore, As many things are going on in Danielle’s life she sometimes needs support as well. Hence, her new partner is someone who is opposite to her ex.

Mohamed did say pretty hurtful words which were hard for Danielle to bear. But with the help of her girlfriends, she is living the best life now.

But the plot twist comes here, Penny, is a real living being but isn’t a human. It’s her loyal companion dog. But let’s be honest, who needs to date if you have the sweetest dog?

Anyway, Danielle and her girls will shortly be taking a trip to Ocean City. Meaning her partner in crime will be left back home (at least that’s what we think.)

90 Day Fiance: Meet Danielle Jbali's Perfect New Man.
Caption: 90 Day: The Single Lifestar Danielle Jbali.

However, Danielle is taking baby steps and is coming to of the shell. We give her lots of love and hope that the single life gives her everything in the greater way.

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