90 Day Fiance: Why Did Big Ed Last Marriage Fail?
90 Day fiance

90 Day Fiance: Why Did Big Ed Last Marriage Fail?

90 Day Fiance’s Big Ed Brown is quite the controversy. And his respect for the women he dates, let’s not even get to there. But well, does his manners towards women have something to do with his previous marriage ending?

90 Day Fiance: Why Did Big Ed Last Marriage Fail?
Caption: 90 Day Fiance Star Big Ed Brown.

Recently, Big Ed had an interview with Screenrant where he revealed details on his previous marriage and something about fatherhood I guess.

For now, Ed is looking for another girlfriend. Perhaps a wife if he’d like in 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life. And safe to say, he isn’t progressing.

Fans were so happy when Rose Marie Vega decided to dump Ed. However, that wasn’t Big Ed’s first fail at love.

Why Things Didn’t Work Out.

55-year-old Ed talks about why his marriage ended previously. According to him, Ed got married when he was 24 and felt as though he was too young for the marriage.

90 Day Fiance: Why Did Big Ed Last Marriage Fail?
Capton: Big Ed Brown got married when he was 24.

After two years, the former couple got divorced. But Ed held off dating because he wanted to be there for his daughters first.

As for the core reason why the marriage failed, Ed revealed,

I want someone that’s not going to try to change me. I want someone who is going to let me be Big Ed. And that’s one of the big reasons why my marriage failed.

Big Ed’s ex-wife kind of tried to steal his identity says, Ed. As you all know Ed loves entertaining. But his ex-wife tried to stop him from doing so.

Now Ed says he wants someone who’s,

“going to accept me for who I am and I’m going to accept them for who they are equally.

Furthermore, Ed is always going for younger women when he looks for a date. And his daughter doesn’t like that. Similarly, she also doesn’t like the idea of her father dating in a television program.

However, Ed says that since he devoted all his youth and time to his daughter he wants to have some fun even if it’s a little late. Which is absolutely fine.

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