General Hospital Spoilers: Peter Plans On Abducting Baby Lou.
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General Hospital Spoilers: Peter Plans On Abducting Baby Lou.

Maxie Jones (Kristen Storms) is totally against being with Peter August (Wes Ramsey) at this point. Although she took Peter just for the sake of it, she knows she’s in much danger.

Moving on, though Maxie does whatever she can to protect baby Loiu, we already know something is soon coming. Because in the way, Peter’s not going without finding himself an ally.

Who might be a better ally than Cyrus for this situation? I mean, he knows what Cyrus is capable of. And although Ptere will in no way trust the man, he’s sure to make him an ally for the time being.

When Peter announces his truce to Cyrus, Cyrus will most certainly bring a plan in motion. Now, here’s the thing, Peter’s starting to see a future without Maxie.

He knows that won’t work. But, he wants to be with his daughter and raise her himself. Moreover, Peter might also think that Lou should embrace her dark potentials. Not be a goodie like her mom or how most society wants her to be.

Of course, Cyrus would start up a plan in abducting Lou just because it excites him. He will find a motive or some profit from it though. But for now, all Peter wants is his daughter (probably.)

Honestly, Peter and Maxie were my favorite couple back then. I just loved how much they cared and loved one another. But I guess time changes.

And the soap world hates their fan happy with one couple too so what can we even say.

So do you think Peter will be successful in kidnapping daughter Lou? What would Cyrus possibly get from the kidnapping?

Or does Peter have something dark brewing on the back of his mind?

Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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