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General Hospital Spoilers: One Wedding And Some Funerals.

Finally, the ceremony that ends with a certain surprise and shock is happening in General Hospital. Just make sure you don’t miss any moment from today’s episode of General Hospital because lots of shocking things are about to take place.

And if you miss any, you’ll regret it.

To begin with, Carly Corinthos and Jason Morgan’s wedding is not an average wedding. Although these two love each other, the ceremony is strictly professional.

But, many friends and family have gathered to witness this auspicious day. Including the heads of the Five Families, who are one of the most important guests in this wedding.

But we can’t forget that Cyrus Renault is in action. During the ceremony we witness a mobster making his way to Jason. And the thing he says to Jason is weird more like an apology.

So, something is burning to throw Jason aloof.

The ceremony has now begun and it’s only about time before the worst happens.

The Firework is Set!

Elsewhere, Peter August is in action, and he’s ready to destroy Nina Reeves at the Nixon Falls. But, the spoilers suggest that Mike will pay the price instead.

Will Sonny Corinthos face a huge fall this time indeed? Maybe, it’s his end? That doesn’t make sense though because why would you build up this much of a storyline for a presumed-dead character to just kill him?

Sonny will probably remember everything which is why he will come to hate Nina.

On the other hand, Maxie Jones prepares everyone for the function. But, a call from Jasper Jax with a cryptic message comes her way. It seems that Sonny is making his way to Port Charles.

And if Maxie blows Jax off saying she’s too busy to talk, she might make a grave mistake.

While Ned Quartermaine fills Olivia Quartermaine in with the awkward behavior of Austin Gatlin Holt, Brando Corbin shares his thought about Jason’s happiness to his mom Gladys Corbin.

Ned is concerned that Austin has his eyes hawked into his son Leo.

And, Cameron Webber and Trina Robinson will have a small talk before the wedding starts. Trina will tell Cameron that she feels like something worse is about to happen.

Trina’s intuition is true but Cameron might tell her that she might just be anxious. And that she shouldn’t perhaps jinx the odds.

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