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General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny’s Memories Triggered-Rushes Home To Get Betrayed.

General Hospital fans know that Mike no-surname doesn’t care about his past only because he has no memory of it. But, once he remembers who he really is, he’ll rush back to his home.

His new memories with Nina Reeves and he’s happy with it, But, after what happens in Nixon Falls today, it will trigger his memory. Making him remember that he’s Conny Corinthos.

After remembering Carly Corinthos and other loved ones, he’ll rush back home. But he has no idea Carly is in love with Jason Morgan now and they’re about to marry.

You know how Mike thinks that his loved ones aren’t looking for him so he might not be important. But, what he doesn’t know is that his wife and children have given up. They think he’s dead.

Also, his possible death has actually changed so much in GH. It’s time the writers give the fans what they’ve been yearning for. Give back Sonny his memory and everything falls back in place.

But, everything won’t be the same. Carly will have just tied knots with Jason. But you know what?

That doesn’t even matter. Because what matters the most is that Sonny is back. And he’s not Mike anymore. So, we can see so much of mob Sonny the fierce Sonny who does anything he can for what he wants.

Sonny is Backstabbed

However, now that he has lived as Mike, he can’t be Sonny altogether. He is supposed to carry a tad bit of Mike with him which certainly will help him in the long run.

But the thing is, Sonny is the happiest about reuniting with his wife. So, he might feel like Jason and Carly both betrayed him. Or, if Maxie or someone else lets him know first that this is just a show marriage. He might want affection from Carly which she can’t give.

But, she can’t break the heart of her long-lost husband.

Of course, Jason loves her but every one of us can agree that Sonny is the perfect match for Carly. And we’d like these two to get back together as soon as possible.

But, with love and revenge, Sonny has some other interesting plots coming up. Things will spice up with the Five Families after Sonny’s arrival.

Cyrus and Peter might be dumbfounded. And Carly might start spiraling thinking about who she should really choose.

Let us know down in the comments what are your theories on Sonny’s return.

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