Good Witch: George O'Hanrahan's Revelation Ruined - What's He Hiding?
Good Witch

Good Witch: George O’Hanrahan’s Revelation Ruined – What’s He Hiding?

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Now getting into our topic, Good Witch’s season 7 premiere episode entitled “The Party” recently got aired. And as fans remember, it continued right from where it had left in the last season.

The main cast Cassie Nightingale had discovered similar purple drawstrings bags with Joy Harper and Abigail Pershing. However, it was a mystery how it arrived there.

In the premiere episode, Cassie spent most of the time trying to unfold the mystery. Later, George O’Hanrahan stares at them pouring the contents of their bags on a table. And, fans believe he is the culprit as he says it’s time they have a talk.

A Klutzy Action From Joy Harper’s Cast Kat Barrel.

Many fans got mad at Joy’s cast Kat Barrel as she tweeted just moments before the big reveal. Moreover, She tweeted, “George with the cliffhanger!!!!” for which she got called out by the fans for ruining the revelation.

Nevertheless, fans were shocked to find out George’s appearance. They were going crazy wondering what George had been hiding for so long. Also, fans were shocked after they related Young Joy’s symbol with rocks being made again by Abigail while dumping the bags of dirt. One fan also said, “This is some serious magic happening.”

Before we head onto the next episode’s spoilers, comment down on what do you think was George hiding all this time, any guesses?

Episode 2 entitled “The Shell” spoilers suggest that Cassie and Joy will admit that they know more about the bags than we thought. In addition, George tells them how he had promised not to give them the pouches until the next red haloed moon.

Also, Cassie’s cast Catherine Bell also mentioned the pouches will also play as the turn of events. And, the fans should know it will take more time before they solve the mystery.

Like, we will only find out after the next episode airs and we too will see you on the next video.

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