Little People, Big World: Amy Bids Farewell To The Farm - Zach Beats Jeremy To It.

Little People, Big World: Amy Bids Farewell To The Farm – Zach Beats Jeremy To It.

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Today, we will be talking about what’s going on in Little People, Big World. So grab yourself some water and sit tight!

As many of you might know, Amy and Matt Roloff have spent three decades of their life on the family farm. However, their divorce has been finalized, and seems like Amy will have to give up on everything.

In addition, Amy will talk about it in the upcoming episode. Moreover, we can expect to see how she accepted her ex-husband, Matt’s offer to give him her part of the farm for money.

Likewise, Amy has moved into her new house and she mentions it was the second time Matt approached her. And, she accepted it as this is a new chapter in her life. But, she also shared her feelings with her friends about the fear of not knowing what to do next as the farm has been her whole life.

Even though Amy mentioned it was a difficult process for her to leave the farm, she will now be living with her fiance Chris Marek. Lastly, she also mentioned that it got easier after leaving the place and hopes she is making the right decision.

Jeremy & Audrey Won’t Talk About Buying The Farm?

Their twin sons, Jeremy and Zach Roloff always planned on buying the family farm. But recently, Jeremy’s decision to not buy the farm has shocked the fans.

Nevertheless, Jeremy left the show in 2018 with his wife, Audrey Roloff. You might also know the fans blamed her for Jeremy’s leave. After that, the two started their own blog on marriage which fans didn’t like more.

A couple of days ago, Audrey revealed their plans for this year and fans kept on asking why they didn’t buy Amy’s portion of the farm. However, Audrey’s replies were blunt as she told them to go and check their podcast, Behind the Scenes. However, the podcast isn’t of any help either as it only tells the reasons why they left the farm.

On the other hand, Zach has been really enthusiastic about buying the farm. Maybe because he wants to live with his family in the big house. And, he seems like he is going to beat his twin brother in the case.

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