When Calls Heart: Breaking Nathan & Allie's Emotional Scene Down.
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When Calls Heart: Breaking Nathan and Allie’s Emotional Scene Down.

Sunday’s episode of When Calls Heart had fans holding breaths. Nathan Grant is possibly facing punishment after questioning about Mountie who was killed during transfer.

Well, luckily, Nathan is getting closer to his niece Allie. Similarly, when the inquiry is in process Allie worriedly interrupts to defend Nathan. This scene was very emotional as Allie pleas tearfully. Hence, Allie and Nathan bond over emotional support.

When Calls Heart: Breaking Nathan & Allie's Emotional Scene Down.
Caption: Kevin McGarry(Nathan) and Jaeda Lily Miller( Allie).

This was such a beautiful scene someone had to talk about it with the actors. So, ET took their time and spoke to Jaeda Lily Miller and Kevin McGarry. And they talk about this precious moment between Allie and Nathan.

Miller says, “I think Allie is very protective of Uncle Nathan, so I tried to put myself in her shoes. And feel what it would feel like if one of my own family members or even Kevin because he’s kind of like my family member.”

Miller humorously says, “I was just balling at the time, I had snot everywhere.”

This scene sucked a lot of tears out from Miller. Moreover, she also watched dome very sad videos of old couples. Which had her tears flowing.

McGarry Fills Miller With Praises.

When Calls Heart: Breaking Nathan & Allie's Emotional Scene Down.
Caption: When Calls Heart Kevin McGarry and Jaeda Lily Miller

Before praising the little actress for her amazing performance, McGarry jokingly asks Miller to send him those videos as well.

McGarry said, “What I was seeing was a person who is scared that their person is going to be taken away from them. Nathan is all Allie has. Her mom passed away and we know what happens with her dad. Nathan is her world.”

This is why all of us welled in the scene as well. They said that it was pretty intense when they started filming it too. Nevertheless, it made all of us well up too.

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