90 Day Fiance: Happy Engaged Life Tim & Zeta!
90 Day Fiancé Reality Show

90 Day Fiance: Happy Engaged Life Tim and Zeta!

Which 90 Day Fiance couple has started their love life without a rocky beginning? Real partners are revealed then when they go through all the hurdles together and make it at the silver lining.

Anyway so the good news for the fans is, Tim Clarkson proposed to Melyza Zeta on their trip to Colombia. “Being engaged to Melyza is the most complete I have ever felt in my life,” said Tim in the recent 90 Day Bares All episode.

90 Day Fiance: Happy Engaged Life Tim & Zeta!
Caption: 90 Day Fiance Couple Tim Clarkson AND Melyza Zeta.

Melyza revealed that she was taken aback by the proposal. She revealed, “Before Tim proposed, I was feeling completely hopeless and crushed. I believed that my chance at happily ever after with the man I love was gone. Fortunately, I was wrong.”

She continued, “Our engagement feels right. “Putting a ring on it doesn’t solve it all, but it’s definitely a big step in the right direction, surely one that we wanted to take years ago.”

Things surely weren’t always this great. Tim cheated on Melyza when they were apart for some time. And honestly, I hoped Melyza didn’t forgive him for that.

90 Day Fiance: Happy Engaged Life Tim & Zeta!
Caption: Tim Clarkson cheated Melyza Zeta when they are apart for sometime.

But she decided to give him another chance and it’s for the best that things worked out for them, right?

Anyway but, many fans believe the phrase “once a cheater, always a cheater,”  is true, so they aren’t very happy about the engagement.

But Tim seems to be reflecting and doing his best, he mentioned, “I know we still have a long way to go for repairing the damage I have done, but we both know how much we love each other, how comfortable we are with each other, and how positive we are that our life together will be amazing.”


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