90 Day Fiance Recap: Andrew Is Ruining His Own Future.
90 Day fiance Reality Show

90 Day Fiance Recap: Andrew Is Ruining His Own Future.

There’s always a 90 Day Fiance moment no matter the season where it feels like all the couples are trapped in arguments. This season’s “Forgive But Never Forget,” brought the starting of the couples’ sufferings.

So far, Yara and Jovi have become my favorite from this episode. She is genuinely in love with Jovi. When she went dress shopping with Jovi’s mom she saw how much it meant for her.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Andrew Is Ruining His Own Future.
Caption: 90 Day Fiance stars Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya.

If Yara was just on the show for a Greencard and drama, she would just say that Jovi’s mom could not come and her tears were manipulative. But she’s realized now and we’re sure the wedding is going to be the perfect moment of the show.

Although Jovi acts like a good fiance right now, we know he’s gonna sleep with the stripper, so we just hope he doesn’t do that.

As for Stephanie and Harris, it seems the whole relationship is a setup. Harris is ready to come live in America leaving his three kids behind? And Stephanie’s oops-i-called-you-by-Ryan’s-name mistake is so obvious. Also, Harris is making it pretty clear he’s after Stephanie’s money. But she is just being ignorant.

Moving on, Brandon and Julia is another couple I am pretty sure will end up in a happy marriage.  Their wedding venue is breathtaking and it’s one of the bests from 90 Day Fiance. Due to Brandon’s upbringing, he isn’t the kind of person for romance and all.

Though Julia might never have a blowout as Yara did, their love is genuine too. And probably these are the only two couples to make it this season.

Because Mike is totally toying with Natalie. Just like how Zeid is with Rebecca. Mike is just always aggressive with Natalie. All she wants is a good wedding and she doesn’t even know if she’ll get a wedding dress. And Mike never tries to understand the poor woman.

As for Zeid, he’s just playing with Rebecca’s insecurities. Rebecca needs to realize this before it’s too late.

Andrew is so toxic honestly, he forces his fiance to move to Serbia and let her be alone in a hotel for two weeks. He doesn’t know how scary it is to be alone and not know if you can even leave the hotel.

If his toxic “cheer up baby” and whiny positivity isn’t down, not just Amira but everyone even his fans will leave.

 90 Day Fiance Recap: Andrew Is Ruining His Own Future.
Caption: 90 Day Fiance stars Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa.

As for Hazel and Tarik, it seems Tarik is hung up on Minty. What should we even say? It just feels better if they separate already, to be honest.

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