Ant & Dec Were The Reason Behind Chloe & Wayne's Engagement Prank?
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Ant & Dec Were The Reason Behind Chloe & Wayne’s Engagement Prank?

Ant and Dec are always the leading sources when it comes to pranking celebrities. Hence, Chloe Ferry and Wayne Lineker’s fans believe that their engagement is also a part of Ant and Dec’s pranks.

 Ant & Dec Were The Reason Behind Chloe & Wayne's Engagement Prank?
Caption: Ant and Dec ,Chloe Ferry and Wayne Lineker’s

As Saturday Night Takeaway returns, fans start anticipating the Get Out of Me Ear part. The duo, Ant, and Dec are one hilarious partner. They prank huge celebrities by instructing them things through an earpiece.

When the 58-year-old Wayne, Ibiza owner, announced his engagement to 25-year-old Geordie, fans were skeptical.

A fan wrote, “Ok, Wayne, now post on your social media telling them that you and Chloe Ferry are engaged.”

While the other said, “Publicity stunt of the decade.”

That wasn’t enough, and Wayne commented “wifey” on one of Chloe’s Instagram pictures.

“Looking good wifey,” said Wayne, but that lacked affection if you ask me.

Anyway, so, the couple got closer during Celebs Go Dating.

But Wayne’s friends soon came clean, saying that the engagement is just a prank. Apparently, the couple wanted to see if anyone would fall for the prank.

While on the show, the two of them became terrific friends. Therefore, they’ll still be terrific friends for a long time.

Chloe, too showed off her ring finger, which was ring-free, indicating that she is single and definitely not engaged.

 Ant & Dec Were The Reason Behind Chloe & Wayne's Engagement Prank?
Caption: Chloe Ferry showing  ring finger.

To be honest, many of the fans would have fallen for the prank if they’d done something more of a closeness. It seemed totally fake.

Anyway, so the nightclub owner and the young beauty failed to shock us with their oh-too-obvious prank. But, we might like what’s to come on Celebs Go Dating that airs in summer.

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