Blue Bloods: Marisa Ramirez Wants To Return To General Hospital.
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Blue Bloods: Marisa Ramirez Wants To Return To General Hospital.

Marisa Ramirez was a part of the General Hospital clan before she started fighting crimes with Donnie Wahlberg. The current Blue Bloods actress used to be a lead star in General Hospital spin-off from 2000 to 2002.

Blue Bloods: Marisa Ramirez Wants To Return To General Hospital.
Caption: Blue Bloods: Marisa Ramirez and Donnie Wahlberg.

This gives you a gist of how Marisa was a little important character from the show. So, in a recent interview, Ramirez says that she is still very open to going back to General Hospital.

In the interview, Marisa mentioned, “I mean, California is my home. My family is there. That’s where my heart is.”

Boss Lady In Her Bones.

Caption: Blue Bloods Marisa Ramirez.

Similarly, she continued, “And any opportunity to go back to California, I’d take. I had such an amazing time on General Hospital. It’s such a beautiful learning experience and so many amazing people there. I mean, who knows what could happen? I’m open to anything, but I think that might be here a little while longer, so we’ll see.”

Although General Hospital is her big gig, she played in The Young and The Restless and several other short-lived series.

She also talks about her phases in her career.

Ramirez says, “There was a phase where I was the crying girlfriend.  Then maybe something happened in my personal life, where I just kind of evolved as a person and found some strength that was being seen in these casting rooms, and I just kept being cast as a cop.”

The actress also teaches kickboxing for six years and she enjoys it a lot. Before Blue Bloods, she landed on a detective/cop role too. So, Marisa jokes, “There’s always been this kind of bossy quality, strength, power, a woman of power sort of thing. Maybe I just like to yell at people, and maybe I was good at that.”

As a mother, she also has plenty of time to spend with her family and daughter because she isn’t a Reagan in Blue Bloods.

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