Gold Rush Star Rick Ness Social Media, Net Worth, Wife, 2021 Update.
Gold Rush

Gold Rush Star Rick Ness Social Media, Net Worth, Wife, 2021 Update.

Rick Ness from Gold Rush has a pretty impressive background. He’s also a pretty impressive miner and has won the hearts of a lot of fans worldwide. Likewise, Rick joined Gold Rush back in season 3. 

And during that time he had no idea about mining. Hence, his early learning tactics and vast knowledge is what fans loved about him. 

If not for his head injury, today we would see Rick on a football team. But this seems to be the perfect example of what happens, happens for a good reason. 

See where Rick is today. And well, he also started a band with the name .357 Stringband. They’re really cool make sure to check ‘em out. 

Anyway, so Rick’s journey in the mining world began when he met Parker Schnabel during his band tour. 

Since this man is adored by thousands, we made a special content featuring Rick for you guys. 

Let’s get further into Rick’s personal life like his wife or girlfriend, net worth and social, media updates.

Net Worth.

According to some insiders, Rick Ness has a net worth of $5 million. Moving on some say that Rick makes around $150,000 per episode in Discovery’s show. However, some of his money and or net worth also comes from his band that we talked about earlier.

What Is Rick Doing Now? 

Season 12 of Gold Rush is set to premiere somewhere in October. And guess what, Rick Ness is coming to our screen again with someone special.

So of course, currently, he’s just busy preparing. With that being said, Rick is also seen traveling but mostly going back to his home after months of shooting.

And although there is not much update, we believe that if the shooting for the upcoming season is done, Rick is absolutely enjoying his home.

If you’ve been following Rick for a couple of years you’ll know that going back home is his favorite thing to do after his shooting is done.

Rick’s Girlfriend/Wife.

The biggest mystery yet remains. Is Rick married? Does he have a girlfriend or a wife?

We bet you have all those questions on your mind. But don’t you worry, because that’s why we’re here for. During the earlier seasons, there were rumors circulating that Rick and Karla Ann were in a relationship.

However, Rick addressed the rumors and confirmed that Karla is just his friend.

Similarly, he also mentioned that Karla was like a sister he never had.

Moving on, people started thinking if he was gay. To clear that question well no, Rick is very straight.

Anyway so who is Rick’s girlfriend or wife?

It might come as a surprise for you to know that Rick is happily married to his long-term girlfriend Jen Ness. Also, did you know he has two kids?

Isn’t that a perfect little family? Oh and yeah also one dog he takes literally everywhere.

We can’t get many updates on Rick’s wife because both of them are very private people.

However, we are still looking into it and we will give you further update as soon as possible.

Relationship With Parker Schnabel.

We’re all well aware that Parker Schnabel is someone who gave Rick an opportunity here. Although today, they are each other’s competition they’re still very good of friends.

Parker even once told,

“I really respect and appreciate him (Rick).”

It’s a really good thing that Parker feels proud to have Rick by his side as a friend. And also as a rival and or a competitor when he’s working.

And Rick is still very appreciative of whatever Parker has done to him. They’re like brothers. In conclusion, their relationship can be taken as siblings.

They have a little bit of bickering at times, they also act like competitors at times. But in the end, they have mad respect and love like siblings.

Now let’s get more into Rick’s social media life. Shall we get started?

Social Media Presence.


Find Rick on Instagram as @thebigrickness. He has 30.3k followers but the sad part is he has not been active on Instagram for the past 6 months.

Likewise, his last post is made back in October 2020 with the caption,

“I’m finally home after 5 months in The Yukon where the population is such that there are literally 100 square miles per person if they were spread out evenly. So what’s going on back here? I need some help, I was busy working, I haven’t been paying attention and I’m way out of the loop.. we still hoarding toilet paper and throwing hands in the grocery store over pork chops?”


He is more seen a lot more on Facebook than on Instagram. Also, he keeps on updating his work journey on his Facebook. But don’t expect to see his personal life there.
Also, you can find Rick on Facebook with his own name Rick Ness.


Rick is not so active on Twitter as he is on Facebook. However, he still is more active than he is on Instagram.

Likewise, find Rick on Twitter with @GoldrushRick.

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