Here's What We Know About Colorado Grocery Store Shooting.
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Here’s What We Know About Colorado Grocery Store Shooting.

Yet again, ten people died during the shooting spree in Boulder. One of the ten included a police officer. A 21-year-old man has been caught as the suspect and is charged with 10 murder felonies.

According to the authorities, the rampage took place around 2:30 pm on Monday somewhere around the University of Colorado. Similarly, the gunman used an assault-style rifle.

A witness from the shooting, Ryan Borowski said that he was around the supermarket when the shooting began trying to get ice cream and soda. However, he said, “I just second-thought it and said,‘No, I don’t need ice cream. That’s when I heard the gunshots.”

Here's What We Know About Colorado Grocery Store Shooting.
Caption: A witness from the shooting, Ryan Borowski.

Furthermore, 6 hours into the shooting and the police informed some details on the shooting. Likewise, on Tuesday Chief Herold confirmed that all ten people were identified. Hence their families were also contacted.

The first police who reported to the crime scene was Eric Talley. The 51-year-old joined Boulder Police back in 2010 and died protecting the citizens.

Details On The Suspect.

Here's What We Know About Colorado Grocery Store Shooting.
Caption: The Suspect Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa identify as gunman.

The police identified the gunman as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa of Arvada. The man moreover lived in the US for a really long time now. Moving on, Ahmad and the district attorney had already met back in 2018. When he was arrested for two felonies.

Furthermore, Mr. Alissa, when taken in custody was shirtless and he also had a leg injury. However, is pretty stable mentally and physically as well.

This is the second shooting rampage that happened in such a small amount of time. Unlike the last shooting, we don’t know what was the motive behind Mr. Alissa’s shooting spree.

Furthermore, we look forward to knowing more details and seeing the man face rightful punishment for his crimes.

Let us know wat do you think should be done to the suspect further?

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