Life Below Zero: Who Is The Fan-Favourite Michael Manzo?
Life Below Zero

Life Below Zero: Who Is The Fan-Favourite Michael Manzo?

One of the most hyped shows in National Geographic might be Life Below Zero: Next Generation. This show mainly focuses on Alaskans who thrive off of the Alaskan wilderness. Moreover, the fans are thrilled to watch this spinoff of the original Life Below Zero.

Life Below Zero: Next Generation fan-favorite Michael Manzo is one of the eclectic cast of individuals who wants adventure in his life. For which, he left the everyday dullness of simple living driven by technology and capitalism.

Life Below Zero: Who Is The Fan-Favourite Michael Manzo?
Caption: Life Below Zero Michael Manzo.

So, today we are gonna discuss why fans love Michael Manzo!

Native Living Way.

Life Below Zero: Who Is The Fan-Favourite Michael Manzo?
Caption: Michael Manzo Native Living Style.

Starting off with Michael’s way of surviving, he heavily relies on natural resources for his fundamental needs. Michael doesn’t prefer condensed food and does what his native knowledge tells him to do. He gathers food by hunting and cook using woods instead of gasoline.

Moreover, Michael feeds salmon and meat to his dogs. He also said that it’s in his blood to want to build and design dog sleds and canoes.

Going onto Michael’s education, he graduated from Alaska Pacific University in 2014. Where he also studied sustainability, researched freighter canoes, and practiced applying hydrodynamic fuel-efficient designs for Alaska’s waterways.

Michael said, “Freighter canoes were the premier workboat of the North country”. Also, freighters are designed to transport much larger tons of gear and supplies than a recreational canoe. 

One interesting fact about Michael is, he was a soldier somewhere between 2002 to 2010.

After retiring from the U.S. Army, Michael mentioned his 9-5 job. However, he wasn’t suited for anything else except the Alaskan wilderness. Coming back to Alaska, Michael has become a fisherman, hunter, and traveler.

In addition, Michael also is the co-owner and creator of Yukon Freightworks Canoe Company where he also works as a canoe builder. Grabbing the opportunity, he also mentioned his story on the company’s online website.

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