Little People, Big World: Zach And Tori Speak Against Amy’s Marriage Offer/ Plan. 
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Little People, Big World: Zach And Tori Speak Against Amy’s Marriage Offer/ Plan. 

As time passes, we find ourselves surrounded by more and more Little People, Big World drama. And call it irony or not but it all started unfolding after Amy and Matt Roloff revealed their divorce. 

Yet again today’s topic revolves around a huge unforeseen controversy where Amy’s son Zach Roloff reveals he doesn’t want Amy and Chris Marek to get married on the family farm. 

Why might that be? 

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Anyway so, with the return of season 22, everyone is looking forward to Amy and Chris’s marriage. Until some time ago, Marek and Matt were really not liking one another but the insiders reveal that they might have been trying to build up a friendship. 

However, Amy is not really liking this idea of he ex and husband to be bonding up. When Matt offered to organize her wedding at the farm, we could see the discomfort Amy had. 

Which in my opinion is pretty reasonable. 

Is Amy Just Too Sensitive?

On the other hand, it is not only Amy but Zach and Tori who also disapprove of this idea. 

Amy found it very amusing to see that her fiance was completely fine with having his wedding at the farm. So Amy goes to her son and daughter-in-law to share this news. 

As she explains to Zach and Tori they actually don’t say anything at the beginning. 

However, after they find out how Amy feels about all this getting married in the farm thing, they reveal their true feelings. 

Zach and Tori reveal how they don’t want Amy and Chris to get married on the farm because it just doesn’t make sense. In their view, it would be an odd beginning if you get married in the place you spent decades with your ex-husband. 

And let’s not forget the part about how she got cheated on due to the same farm. 

Anyway but Chris seems to have really loved the idea. He saw how uncomfortable Amy was he still tries to convince her in favor of the offer. 

And Little People, Big World are in support of Chris.

They believe that Amy is just being too sensitive and inconsiderate about Matt’s genuine offer. 

But the question is, would Caryn Chandler be comfortable with that? 

She too made it clear that she doesn’t want to be on Amy’s guest list neither does she want to invite her to her wedding.

Well, let us know your thoughts down in the comments. 

Hoping to see you again next time, we bid you a warm goodbye. 

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