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Married At First Sight: Beth Reveals She Doesn’t Like Russel After Wedding.

Beth Moore, Married At First Sight star says “This is not what I was expecting,” while marrying Russell Duance. Due to the COVID 19 restrictions, the couple had to get married with no family and friends around.

Married At First Sight: Beth Reveals She Doesn't Like Russel After Wedding.
Caption: Beth Moore Reveals She Doesn’t Like Russel Duance After Wedding.

While taking pictures after the wedding, Beth breaks down in tears. The 39-year-old bride also mentioned that she feels absolutely no connection to Russel.

Emotional Beth says, “I feel like a sh*t person because I don’t have that feeling that I wanted to have, It’s just so early, and obviously, my emotions are heightened because of all these expectations.”

Do you think this marriage will last?

Married At First Sight: Beth Reveals She Doesn't Like Russel After Wedding.
Caption: Beth Moore and Russell Duance.

Beth reveals to the producer how she really feels. She says, “It’s not anything that he has done wrong or who he is. He seems like a great person. He has been a true gentleman. I was just hoping for that automatic connection, but let’s just see what happens from here.”

Having to get married in such a rush and not having the most important people be in the wedding let alone the grief of 0 guests. I think we understand the reason for her breakdown.

The wedding was filmed last September at Sydney Beach when the borders were closed. Hence the pair couldn’t welcome any of their close friends, family, and relatives for the wedding.

Married At First Sight airs on Channel Nine at 7.30 pm Monday.

Stay tuned to figure out what happens with this couple next. Do you think Beth just broke down due to such a depressing wedding? Or does she really not want to be with her new husband?

And if so, is this marriage even worth it?

Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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