Married At First Sight: Olivia's Life After Divorce.
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Married At First Sight: Olivia’s Life After Divorce.

Olivia and Brett’s relationship from, Married At First Sight was very tacky. Anyway, the point is, most of us knew this wouldn’t last. And it didn’t. To be honest, I won’t lie, the way Brett left was the prettiest thing one could ever do.

Married At First Sight: Olivia's Life After Divorce.
Caption: Married At First Sight Couple Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindsey.

Similarly, the man just left, emptied the apartment even taking all the food before Olivia came back from her parents’ house.

Now, you would say, but when they first met they hit it off. Yes, but everything after that screamed: “not compatible.”

Also, it always felt like Brett is someone who’ll never want Olivia to keep her opinion in anything.

And the fact that Olivia earned more than Brett became an underlining issue. Resulting in more arguments.

How’s Olivia Now?

Married At First Sight: Olivia's Life After Divorce.
Caption: Married At First Sight star Henry Rodriguez And Olivia Cornu’s are together.

Happier than ever I’d say. Fans have even started shipping Olivia and new Married At First Sight star Henry together.

Also, as a nurse practitioner, Olivia got the Covid-19 vaccine rather early. And she shared the aftermath of getting the injection.

Furthermore, there’s a new member in Olivia’s life. She welcomed a mini Australian Shepherd pup and named her Eleanor. As for her relationship with Brett, the couple isn’t seen together, yes.

But they still haven’t confirmed their divorce or split yet. But that obviously doesn’t mean they’re together.

Anyway, Olivia is at times sharing her fun adventures, keeping it safe of course. Also, Olivia apparently earns around $40,000 salary per year.

Check out its picture of her baby Elanor. 

Olivia seems a lot happier now that she’s free and can spend time doing things she enjoys. Although she was such a passionate girl and would give both equal times to her husband and work equally. We have no idea why Brett decided to leave.

Anyway, let us know what you think about Olivia down in the comments.

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