Married At First Sight: Virginia Coombs' Net Worth & Career.
Married at First Sight Reality Show

Married At First Sight: Virginia Coombs’ Net Worth and Career.

Well yes, the Married At First Sight star Virginia Coombs made a few eyebrows raises due to her drinking problem. But overall, she’s a decent woman, I guess?  Anyway, fans seem pretty curious to know how does Virginia make her money.

Married At First Sight: Virginia Coombs' Net Worth & Career.
Caption: Married At First Sight Star Virginia Coombs.

What’s her job and her net worth like. Shall we start now?

Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs got along right away. Their bond got stronger with their Las Vegas honeymoon. And that’s when Virginia introduced her husband to her party lifestyle.

Erik was quite hesitant at first and pretty worried. But maybe since Virginia knows how to distinguish her party life from professional life, things go smoothly.

Net Worth & Career.

First thing’s first, Virginia works as a customer experience specialist. Anyway, all of us are aware of the fact that this season’s drama is a little extreme. Virginia is also involved in Chris William’s drama. But, everything aside, we hope that doesn’t affect her career.

And she is a pretty nice woman. The only defect is her drinking problem but many fans agree that the editing might be the actual problem here.

Virginia has found a really good husband, Erik always backs her up and defends his wife like the good husband that he is. Also, we need to be patient with Virginia because she was single for half a decade (5 years) before she matched Erik in Married At First Sight.

Married At First Sight: Virginia Coombs' Net Worth & Career.
Caption: Married At First Sight couple Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake.

Enough of the Blabbering, let’s find out Virginia’s income. First, you must know that Virginia really loves her customer care job. And as she was a part of a sorority when she studied at the University of Tennessee, that pretty much explains her partying personality.

So, moving on, what’s her income? According to an insider, Virginia’s net worth is around $200,000 as she earns a $27,000 salary a year summed up with per episode earning.

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