Married At First Sight: Even An Expertise Can't Help These Couples.
Married at First Sight

Married At First Sight: Even An Expertise Can’t Help These Couples.

Married At First Sight is the complete opposite of other dating shows kind of things. Here, unlike others, things go smoothly in the beginning. 

However, the weeks pass by and well, everything comes crumbling down. Thankfully, Dr. Viviana is here to help the couples through some intimacy exercises. 

Married At First Sight: Even An Expertise Can't Help These Couples.
Caption: Married At First Sight: Dr. Viviana Coles.

Through the help of an expertize, some of the couples will most likely bond in a certain level. 

But it’s hard for some because they don’t even have a bit of chemistry. Anyway, let’s just get to this recap now. 

Briana and Vincent. 

In the beginning, Vincent and Briana tell Viviana that there’s nothing to work on and they’re doing great. Only for Viviana to figure out that they had some communication issue.

However, it just takes a minute for Vincent to realize that he’s just pressurized and needs to loosen up. 

Virginia and Erik. 

Married At First Sight: Even An Expertise Can't Help These Couples.
Caption: Married At First Sight Couple Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake.

I don’t know where their relationship will go. But from Erik swearing he’ll never change and also leave if Virginia doesn’t want kids to come to an agreement about their childhood, something happened. 

Clara and Ryan. 

Clara and Ryan have a lot of differences. However, it’s something they can work on if they’re willing to. Everything in the relationship is great except for they have a non-existential sexual relationship. 

Clara is very forwards and obviously sexually frustrated. Clara seems to be never emotionally attached or had a good relationship with her sexual partners. So maybe if this relationship gives her something more. She will realize how great it is to have a partner you can trust before you sleep with them? 

Chris and Paige. 

Poor Paige, I think just those two words should be the end of their relationship. Chris is a cheeky bastard and Paige is always mistreated. Similarly, after a long time, Chris shows up only to meet Dr. Viviana also after knowing there are going to be cameras there. 

But, well, Paige agreed on starting over and Chris clearly doesn’t want to be married to her. Likewise, Viviana asks Paige to make a list of things to do when they hand out. Obviously, non of them will come true. 

And when Chris revealed how he’s bought a Mercedes for his baby’s mommy, we instantly knew Paige should run.  

Jacob and Haley. 

Nothing Viviana does or hope will change the fact that Haley is not into Jacob. In fact, she might not be into anyone here from the show. Anyway, she clearly is that type of gal who has a type and will not like anyone else besides that specific specimen. 

Their marriage is already doomed but I don’t even know why are they trying to make it work. 

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