New England's Sky Struck With "Fireball" Meteor.
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New England’s Sky Struck With “Fireball” Meteor.

This Sunday night, New England residence witnessed something dramatic and celestial. Over Northern Vermont, a meteor fireball struck in the sky. Similarly, Burlington Free Press reported that when the meteor entered the atmosphere it made a loud noise and notified everyone around.

New England's Sky Struck With "Fireball" Meteor.
Caption: A meteor fireball struck in the sky.

An Essex Junction resident wrote in the Nasa Meteor Watch Facebook page, “I actually thought my apartment was being knocked off its foundation.”

NASA took to Facebook and mentioned the incident.

“Eyewitnesses in the NorthEast and Canada are reporting seeing a bright fireball this evening around 5:38 PM Eastern Standard Time. Analysis of their reports shows that the meteor occurred over northern Vermont. First appearing at a height of 52 miles (84 kilometers) above Mount Mansfield State Forest.”

New England's Sky Struck With "Fireball" Meteor.
Caption: NASA Meteor Watch mentioned something about incident.

Similarly, the post continued reading, “Moving northeast at 47,000 miles per hour (21 kilometers per second). It traversed 33 miles (53 kilometers) through the upper atmosphere. Before burning up 33 miles (53 kilometers) above Beach Hill in Orleans County south of Newport.”

And ended with, “We hope to refine the trajectory as more reports and hopefully some videos filter in.”

Furthermore, NASA is working on finding some more details based on the video and records. The Facebook post has gained over 500 comments. Many shared their experience with the meteor.

One person wrote, “It was dusk, so the sky was a deep blue, (and I saw) a bright red, orange, and yellow streak to the north of me.”

And the Massachusetts resident continued, “I thought it must have been something much bigger than a standard ‘shooting star’ to be so visible when not totally dark yet.”

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