Shocking Unknown Facts About The Goonzquad Brothers You Might Want To Know!
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Shocking Unknown Facts About The Goonzquad Brothers You Might Want To Know!

Today we are gonna talk about one of YouTube’s most trending channels, Goonzquad. Lately, the channel has been making a series chart breaking headlines focusing on its unique content. Within a few years, the channel has accumulated more than 2 million subscribers with ease.

The Goonzquad consists of two brothers Billy and Simon who like to live the goon life filled with hype and nerdy stuff. However, they get the job done as their renovation videos are just too amazing.

Goonzquad Unknown Facts.

Today we are going to look at some unknown facts about Goonzquad who have shaken YouTube with their talent.

Starting off with the brothers themselves, Billy is a married man. Despite the fun they have and the things they do, Billy has his own responsibilities as a husband. His wedding was somewhere in June 2019 but his wife is not known.

Simon, the younger brother of Billy might not be skilled in technical stuff as Billy. But he’s the main reason they are popular on YouTube because of his camera works and editing skills. Still, he does help out a lot during builds.

Also, the Goonzquad brothers actually have an elder brother named Alex who also is into cars. Although the brothers have mentioned his name a lot in their videos, it seems like Alex doesn’t want to be a part of the channel.

Many fans do not know that their parents are immigrants from eastern Europe. However, they have already retired and the sons help them out financially. Aren’t they just too sweet?

Nevertheless, they also have a sister whose name is unknown. However, she helps with the administrative part of their name like merchandise as well as camera works.

Also, their net worth is at around $2 million say some insiders.

However, we believe they earn more and have even higher net worth because of their lifestyle and social media content.

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