Suspects Of Atlanta Spa Shooting Spree- 8 Deaths.
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Suspects Of Atlanta Spa Shooting Spree- 8 Deaths.

On Tuesday around the Atlanta area, three massage parlors had a shooting spree. Similarly, within an hour, some men killed eight people. Six were supposedly Asian women.

Suspects Of Atlanta Spa Shooting Spree- 8 Deaths.
Caption: Atlanta Spa Shooting Spree Area.

This raises suspicions that this shooting was based on racism. However,  the police took one person in custody, but the real motive behind the shooting is not yet confirmed.

On the other hand, lately, violence and bullying against Asain are increasing in an intense amount. And since the victims were (almost all) Asians, it seems that ethnicity comes in play.

Moving on, around 30 miles of northwest Atlanta, the shooting began, moving on to two parlors in northeast Atlanta.

Among the six Asians, again, for of them were Koreans. One man is in custody for the attacks.

More About The Suspect.

Suspects Of Atlanta Spa Shooting Spree- 8 Deaths.
Caption: Suspects Of Atlanta Spa Shooting Spree Cherokee County.

Officials chased down a vehicle and arrested the suspect. A representative reports, “The suspect was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Crisp County jail.”

The sheriff identified the suspect as 21-year-old Aaron Long from Woodstock. “Video footage places the Cherokee County suspect’s vehicle in the area, around the time of our Piedmont Road shootings. That, along with video evidence viewed by investigators, suggests it is extremely likely our suspect is the same as Cherokee County’s, who is in custody.”

Moreover, the suspect was heading to Florida for more massacres. Similarly, he also went to rehab multiple times for sexual addiction.

Likewise, the community is shaken, and a lot of people are in grief and fear. Furthermore, as his sex addiction grew, his roommate says he visited massage parlors for sex.

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