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The Masked Singer: Who’s Under Raccoon’s Mask?

Watching The Masked Singer is like playing a game. You get to enjoy the amazing performance and the guessing game is pretty interesting as well. It’s like a holiday package.

But sometimes, it can get a little frustrating. However, everything comes with a price anyway, right?

Okay, a lot of talking, let’s get to the point. Season 5, Episode 3 revealed the face behind Raccoon.

So, Who’s Raccoon?

The Masked Singer: Who's Under Racoon's Mask?
Caption: The Masked Singer Raccoon.

Danny Trejo was unmasked as The Masked Singer on March 24th’s episode. According to Danny, he was attracted to the idea of being in The Masked Singer due to the costumes too.

The Masked Singer: Who's Under Racoon's Mask?
Caption: Danny Trejo from The Masked Singer.

Trejo said,

“When they contacted us, I had seen the show (before) and I thought it’d be cool and then when they showed me the costume, that Raccoon. I have a schnauzer that looks exactly like the Raccoon. My dog is named John Wesley Harding, after was the meanest cowboy in the West, who once killed a man for snoring (too loud.) They thought I was playing the Raccoon but really I was playing my dog, John Wesley Harding.”

Furthermore, you can just see how fascinated Trejo is with the idea of being in the costume. He also said,

“You walk into a different world and the minute you put a costume like that on, you’re a Raccoon now. You can do anything you want. Similarly, You know, you’re free. My genre of movies, I usually play the bad guy. And even when I plat a good guy, I’m a good bad guy. So, this was like a completely new experience.”

With time ticking and contestants being unveiled, let us know which contestant would you like to see get their mask off?

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