When Calls The Heart: Lucas And Elizabeth's Faceoff.
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When Calls The Heart: Lucas And Elizabeth’s Faceoff.

When Calls The Heart Season 8, Episode 8 is very near. And yes, since things are getting so much more complicated we thought, why not complicate it more?

I’m just kidding.

We’re here to make things easier for you.

In fact, let’s just get started with the spoilers. So we all know that things haven’t been so good lately with Elizabeth Thornton’s relationship.

However, Lucas Bouchard is thinking that everything is sorted out. So a sneak peek reveals that Lucas will confront Liz in the episode.

When Calls The Heart: Lucas And Elizabeth's Faceoff.
Caption: Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) and Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally).

Furthermore, Nathan Grant has his own worries to take care of while being the savior as well. It’s a known fact what a gentleman he is.

Nathan’s Big Revelation.

When Calls The Heart: Lucas And Elizabeth's Faceoff.
Caption: When Calls The Heart Nathan Grant Big Revelation.

However,  Nathan seems to be hiding something. And something big to be exact.

Might his connection to whatever his secret is collide with Jack Thronton’s passing?

And since Lucas has made his mind to confront Elizabeth on what her heart really wants, we might get answers in this episode.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth herself feels the need to confront and comfort Allie Grant.

Be that as it may, this episode is a really important one.

And we suggest not missing it.

Solely because the conversations in this episode might reveal so much. And this might be THE episode.

What if Elizabeth chooses Lucas be it due to anger or really because she wants him.

But then just imagine if Nathan’s secret reveals something even greater.

I mean this all is so crazy.

And maybe this is a crucial episode for Team Nathan and Team Lucas.

For the Team I Don’t Care, just watch it for the fun anyway.

So what do you think?

And what do you expect to see in this episode?

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