When Calls the Heart Sneak Peek: Nathan Tells Lucas To "Save It."
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When Calls the Heart Sneak Peek: Nathan Tells Lucas To “Save It.”

It seems Nathan Grant is done being the nice guy. Or he is stopping holding back.

I mean, why should he, right?

However, we can’t seem to tell if fans hate or love the new side Nathan is showing to us. Anyway, embrace yourself because we have a small spoiler for the eighth episode of the eighth season.

We all know that Allie is trying to be the matchmaker for Nathan and Elizabeth.

However, it took Nathan seven and or eight episodes to come to that conclusion.

Furthermore, Elizabeth approaches Nathan in order to tell him that Allie invited her personally.

Solely to be there for her during the adoption ceremony.

This is how the conversation goes.

Elizabeth: “I’d like to discuss what happened the other day”

Nathan: “At the adoption ceremony?”

Elizabeth: “Yes, at the adoption ceremony. I’m concerned about Allie.”

Furthermore, the conversation then escalated as they spoke about what happened further.

Nathan says,

“I didn’t know that you were going to be the only one invited. And may I add that I was probably just as uncomfortable as you were.”

Moreover, then Liz asks if Allie did not discuss who she wanted to invite at the ceremony with Nathan.

To which Nathan replied that she did.

But he also says,

“And out of all the names I saw on the list, yours wasn’t one of them.”

Elizabeth continues saying he’s just being mean at that point. But Nathan denies it. Continuing that he has to run now due to work so he just sprints off leaving Elizabeth upset.

Furthermore, Lucas calls Nathan respectfully but then Nathan goes to his job saying “Save It.”

Now fans have been fighting on Twitter with hashtags Team Save It and Team Lucas.

Let us know which team are you.

Thank You.

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