When Calls The Heart: What Up With Dottie?
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When Calls The Heart: What Up With Dottie?

We haven’t seen Dottie from When Calls The Heart for quite a while now. And, now the promo kind of tells us that she is selling her dress shop soon. But what on earth happened to her?

First of all, let’s start with who plays Dottie. In When Calls The Heart, Erika Carroll played the role of Dottie. And yes, played because it seems she’s leaving the show.

Why Is Dottie Leaving?

When Calls The Heart: What Up With Dottie?
When Calls The Heart Star Dottie Ramsey(Erica Carroll).

Erika mentioned that she had to stop filming due to her health issues. During the end of the sixth season, she took to Twitter and congratulated for a nice ending.

Hence a fan asked if she will be coming back for the seventh season she replied in uncertainty. Similarly, Carroll said,

“All depends on my health m’lady…sure is nice to be missed tho ♥️ I’m sure Dottie would have some great design ideas coming from the big city and all 😉”

We haven’t seen or heard of Dottie since she mentioned that she is headed to Union City and is expanding her business.

Furthermore, a year back in 2020, Carroll tweeted about how she had to leave but it wasn’t due to her choice. Moving on, she talks about how she will share more information on her Instagram.

However, Erika also said that she would be very happy to return back to the show.

If you’re wondering what Erika suffers from, she has a chronic illness. She is suffering from Cervical Cancer. This is the second time and it looks like it’s gotten really bad.

Time and again Carroll shares positive messages on her Instagram for all the warriors suffering from such chronic illness.


We hope things get a little better for the poor woman. And also hope that we will be able to see her back in When Calls The Heart.

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