Demi Lovato’s Dancing With The Devil Reveals The Biggest Secrets.
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Demi Lovato’s Dancing With The Devil Reveals The Biggest Secrets.

Demi Lovato’s YouTube Originals documentary Dancing With The Devil directed by Michael Ratner has shaken the fans with one of the biggest revelations. If you carefully look at the details, Lovato has been revealing bits and pieces of a history of trauma for the past nine years. Her 2012’s Stay Strong starred a likely sober Lovato which showed her post-rehab recovery. Simply Complicated from her 2017 doc was her apology that uncovered her addiction. It also showed the truth behind her album Tell Me You Love Me.

First Episode.

The first episode entitled “Losing Control” revealed that even though the fans thought Demi was open to the fullest about her past. She actually wasn’t and that was only a little bit of the truth. Lovato has battled an eating disorder since age 8. Even after taking much help, she still couldn’t get better.

One night after her sixth anniversary of being sober, she picked up a bottle of wine and called a person who knew had drugs. After feeling like she was miserable, Demi relapsed.

In 2018, after Demi’s friend Dani Vitale’s birthday party, she asked her friends to stay and continue the party. However, her friends thought she should be going to sleep and left. But, Demi called the drug dealer and ended up with a drug overdose.

Second Episode.

The second episode “5 minutes from Death” tells Demi’s assistant, Jordan Jackson found her the morning of her overdose. Demi didn’t open up the door after countless bangings so Jordan entered and found Demi naked on her back with vomit around her.

Later, when the emergency was called, it became the national headline. Demi suffered three strokes, a heart attack, and brain damage from the strokes. Demi nearly died but upon waking up, she found out she was lucky to be alive.

Demi woke up blind but her younger sister, Madison De La Garza was beside her. Lovato mentioned her drug dealer supplied her with “aftermarket” drugs laced with fentanyl. Upon questioning, Demi also said she had a flash of the drug dealer whose name’s unmentioned was on top of her. She was allegedly sexually assaulted the night of her overdose.

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