Tom & Giovanna's Son Buzz Gets Into Another Accident, #WorriedParents.
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Tom & Giovanna’s Son Buzz Gets Into Another Accident, #WorriedParents.

Giovanna Fletcher and Tom Fetcher’s six-year-old son were rushed to the hospital. A bike incident caused the couple to rush their son to the ER. Similarly, after the young man fell from his bike, Buzz suffered from a fractured wrist.

Tom & Giovanna's Son Buzz Gets Into Another Accident, #WorriedParents.
Caption: Giovanna Fletcher and Tom Fetcher’s.

Similarly, the little man has suffered two injuries having to rush to the ER in this lockdown. Also, Giovanna shared a picture of her son’s fractured arm where she points out to her son, Tom is facepalming and Buzz cheekily raising his arm up.

Yay! Escape From Homeschooling.

Tom uploaded the picture on his Instagram and captioned it, “Well, a fractured wrist is one way to get out of homeschooling. His second bike-related lockdown injury. Thanks to all the docs, nurses, and staff at the hospital. #nhs.”

Many fans came along and gave their sympathy to the family. This couple is the perfect example of happily ever after. They are together since the age of 13 and are still very much madly in love.

Similarly, they have recently started a hobby of singing and dueting on songs. Tom mentioned,

“The band has always been my priority. But we love singing with each other. We’ve done YouTube videos before for fun, so who knows? We have talked about duetting before. It’s just time. We’d have to find something that excites us both.”


With that being said, I just hope their poor son won’t have to face another fracture or injury. And if he does, we’ll just have to wish him luck I guess because there’s nothing we can actually even do right?

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