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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Quarter’s Another Passionate Kiss.

What are the writers up to with Katie Logan’s character? In one of the previous episodes, we saw her making her way to Eric Forrester’s place uninvited. Then she proceeded to insult his wife and ruin his night.

And Eric could have just told Katie to piss off and showed her where the door is. And Katie just didn’t stop praising him and humiliating Quinn.

Would Stephanie Forrester agree to Katie? Of course not. No matter in what kind of situation Eric is in right now. It’s a fact that he was a womanizer and gave his wives a hard time.

But I guess Eric is just the forgiving, terrific, wonderful, amazing, legendary saint so he couldn’t stop Katie.

And what is Katie doing anyway? You’re alone, go make some friends Katie, your sisters don’t count. Or maybe, this is why you have no one.

Katie went on and on and on about how worthless Quinn is and the forgiving, terrific, wonderful, amazing, legendary saint Eric, that he just listens to her.

Katie even went up to assume that the problems they’re having in the bedroom are because Eric is insecure that he can’t be compared to Carter.

Quarter Cross The Line

Elsewhere, the forgiving, terrific, wonderful, amazing, legendary saint Eric summons his employee and his wife’s bone buddy Carter Walton in his office.

And then proceeds to tell him that he knows they slept together yesterday night. And that he’s happy. But then asks Carter to be careful as no one, especially Ridge can’t find about it.

And Katie didn’t have enough praising Eric, she goes to the Forrester Creations just to let Brooke Logan know that Quinn is up to something.

Okay, Katie, we get it, Eric is a forgiving, terrific, wonderful, amazing, legendary saint. But you’re being really rude and cut it out.

Let’s not even talk about Quinn’s absurd relationship. We find Carter making his way to Quinn’s soon after. And as he finds her busy he tries to walk off.

But, Quinn stops him and she is thinking about last night. She tells him that she loves him but she loved Eric too. And they kiss passionately.

Just tell me how’s that possible Quinn. Do you know what you really love? The idea is that Eric gives you powers and Carter gives you physical love.

There’s nothing else that’s more appealing to you than your selfishness.

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