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Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy And Paris’ War Brews – Quarter Faces Eric.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy And Paris’ War Brews – Quarter Faces Eric.

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, John Finnegan chose Steffy Forrester over Sheila Carter. So, Steffy thinks all of her troubles are over. But soon enough, Paris Buckingham will cause a disaster and ruin their relationship.

Meanwhile, Quinn Fuller and Carter Walton will face Eric Forrester after their decision. But before we dive deeper, do you think Queric can still be normal even after this? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

Paris’ Calamity.

Now, getting onto the spoilers, Steffy and Finn recently had a great time at the beach. Moreover, Hope Logan and Liam Spencer were also present with their kids. And, all of them had a pretty good time with lots of jokes and laughs.

However, Steffy doesn’t know what’s befalling her soon. While she enjoyed time with Finn, Paris has been questioning herself. She loves Finn and has even fantasized about herself replacing Steffy. So, it won’t take long before a war brews between Paris and Steffy.

Likewise, it’s even possible that Finn could side with Paris and not his wife. Because Paris was there for him when Steffy did nothing else but kick him right where it hurt when he needed help.

So, the connection Finn has with Paris might be stronger than the one he has with Steffy. And, Steffy could be losing her beloved husband.

Additionally, Steffy could also return to her ex-lover, Liam. Also, Liam can never say no to Steffy so he might give in.

So Awkward.

Nevertheless, Eric knows it all how Quinn met Carter right after their meeting ended. Although Quarter declined Eric’s offer at first, they ended up taking it in the end.

Moreover, Quinn and Carter were alone in the loft. And, the two gave in just as many fans had anticipated. Also, now that they have satisfied their needs once, they are bound to do it soon again.

Nonetheless, the deal was Quinn can satisfy herself with Carter but will still be Eric’s wife. So, she will definitely return home to her beloved husband. And, things could end up being really awkward between the two.

In addition, Eric was already insecure before. And, this will make it harder for him as his wife craves another man.

This is getting so weird that even the fans feel disgusted. So, it’s better for the show to fix all this open marriage mess.

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