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The Bold And The Beautiful News: Wood Wins Daytime Emmy Again – Excited For Next Year?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know Jacqueline MacInnes Wood plays the role of Steffy Forrester. And recently, she won her second Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance for her character.

Likewise, this time, the ceremony was pre-taped at the Associated Television International studious in Burbank. And, Wood got to watch the awards on Friday night on CBS from home.

In addition, Wood mentioned how wonderful the night was as she had spent it in former Ridge Forrester’s cast, Ronn Moss’s place. Also, the actress mentioned having a party.

Nevertheless, we all can agree how surreal it is that celebrities pre-tape their lecture just in case they won. What if they don’t? Wouldn’t it be weird?

Anyway, Wood got her award and she mentioned how much she enjoyed the ceremony this year. Also, she made a humorous statement saying how she didn’t have to stand up in heels for long.

Next Year’s Big Plans.

On the other hand, Wood’s character, Steffy has rehabilitated from her drug addiction. However, she mentioned that we need to aware people about things like that as lockdown has skyrocketed those cases.

Due to the 2020 coronavirus, the actress had to interact with other celebrities through zoom. However, Wood mentioned it was more interactive than any other time which was a good experience.

In addition, She also mentioned the team did a great job hosting the ceremony this way. Also, she mentioned that she was really excited about next year’s award show.

Also, Wood wants to see all the casts and shows gather the next year. And, she also mentioned hosting the gala. So, it might be really exciting to see everything take place once the COVID-19 ends.

As we can see Wood is really excited for everything to take place, are you excited as well?

Let us know down in the comment section by sharing your opinion.

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