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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Actress Brown’s Leaving – Sheila’s Demise Coming Up?

One thing The Bold and The Beautiful fans have always been curious about is how an antagonist’s storyline ends. Likewise, we have something similar to talk about the show’s biggest villain, Sheila Carter.

The spoilers also suggest Sheila’s life could be in danger. And, the danger isn’t coming from a single direction but many. Also, it’s been rumored that actress Kimberlin Brown’s stay on the show is short this time.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into the spoilers, shall we?

Karma Strikes.

As we know, Steffy Forrester has proven to be Sheila’s biggest obstacle in the past couple of weeks. However, Stephanie Forrester was the biggest enemy of Sheila in the ancient past. Still, the fans think their rivalry hasn’t ended.

The day Sheila arrived in the Forrester mansion, she looked at Stephanie’s big portrait. And, she looked at the portrait with a huge evil smile on her face.

Since it’s believed Brown will soon quit the show, her character’s plot also needs to end in a way. And, it’s possible Sheila will be written off with either death or imprisonment.

So, what are the chances that Stephanie’s portrait takes Sheila’s life? It’s possible the villain will want to smile over late Stephanie again. But this time, the portrait falls over her and as she’s old, it could be life-threatening.

Taking Down Sheila.

Nevertheless, Ridge Forrester’s new right hand hasn’t been much of use since he got it. Moreover, Justin Barber pledged his loyalty to him but hasn’t been commanded with a task.

Likewise, Ridge’s hate for Sheila is growing as each day passes. And, the restraining order he’s trying to get over Sheila isn’t working either. So, it’s possible Ridge takes Sheila down himself.

In addition, Justin is familiar with these kinds of things. So, he could easily get rid of Sheila if Ridge asks him to do so.

Meanwhile, Sheila might not be fully responsible for Taylor Hayes’ disappearance. But, she did inject lead into Taylor’s body after which she had to get admitted to the hospital. Later, Prince Omar Rashid took her to his palace in Morocco.

Nonetheless, Taylor might still blame Sheila for messing up her life. And, it’s possible she returns to Los Angeles seeking revenge. So, maybe a gunshot could end Sheila’s life?

How do you think might Sheila be written off from the show? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

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