bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Bill And Justin Fight Relieving Frustrations?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest that Bill Spencer might be filled with rage as he finds out Justin Barber made zero efforts to free him. Also, it seems like Bill will punch Justin, so will he?

Justin Betrayed Bill.

As we know, Bill went in front of Deputy Chief Bradley Baker and confessed about the cover-up. Moreover, he wanted to free Liam Spencer and had trusted Justin. And, he thought Justin would save him even if he got arrested.

However, Justin had a different plan as he wanted to take over the throne at Spencer Publications. Therefore, he needed Bill and Liam to stay behind bars for that to happen.

Likewise, Bill would have been better with anyone else till now unlike Justin who did nothing. Also, he doesn’t have a clue about Justin captivating Thomas Forrester.

That means Justin has even kept the evidence from being revealed. So, Bill won’t forgive Justin if he finds out the truth.

Nevertheless, this all is just for Justin not getting the co-CEO position he felt was his.

Exchange Punches?

Meanwhile, the spoilers suggest that Justin will reveal that Bill’s right-hand man has turned against him. And we know how Bill’s anger is. So, even if he gets shocked for a moment, his wraith will fire over Justin.

So, Bill might use another tactic to bring Justin down. And, Justin’s dream will be shattered soon enough if Bill gets free.

Likewise, Bill might initiate with a punch and Justin will throw back some as well. And, it could help Bill calm down even if it’s a little. However, he might not be able to hear his oldest pal throwing insults at him.

Do you think Bill would reconsider Justin’s actions or will he destroy him? Comment down to let us know your thoughts.

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