Bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Could Destroy Justin After Finding Out The Truth?

As we know Bill and Liam Spencer have been languishing behind bars after getting arrested for Vinny Walker’s murder. And, The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Justin Barber’s actions will enrage Bill.

As it turned out, Vinny really wanted to reach out to his best friend, Thomas Forrester the night he died. And, Thomas has found evidence that Liam isn’t the one to be blamed.

However, it seems like Justin will put a stop to Thomas. Moreover, he won’t let Thomas blab about Vinny’s last texts to the police.

Likewise, Thomas might go right in front of Justin and make him confess. But, Justin might knock him out with a blow and hold him captive in a cage or something.

Bill Destroys Justin?

Meanwhile, Bill doesn’t know what his right-hand man/lawyer is up to. So, he might still be counting on Justin to save him and his son.

Nevertheless, Bill hates Thomas so he couldn’t care less about what happens to him. But, seeing Justin not making any progress, he could lash out any time. And, he will really make Justin pay if he finds out he framed Liam to take over the throne at Spencer Publications.

So when the truth unfolds, fans can expect Bill to be ruthless. Also, he might consider this as an unforgivable betrayal. And we know, Bill is known for being cruel and ruthless by all The Bold and The Beautiful characters.

However, Thomas’s hostage situation might prove really dangerous for him. Also, hiding his discovery could prolong Bill and Liam’s imprisonment.

So, we need to see who rescues poor Thomas and frees the father and son duo.

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