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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Enraged After Finding Out What Justin Has Been Up To?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Bill and Liam Spencer are spending their time behind bars. Meanwhile, Bill’s second-hand man, also a lawyer, Justin Barber takes over Spencer Publications. However, the spoilers suggest Bill won’t be pleased to hear it and rages over Wyatt Spencer for letting something like this happen.

Before we dive deeper, do you think Justin was the one who schemed Vinny Walker’s death to put Bill and Liam in prison? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

Now, we know Bill has always ordered Justin to get his work done no matter what. Moreover, Justin has been taking care of all of Bill’s illegal work.

However, it seems like Bill didn’t call Justin this time and it was Hope Logan who called him. Also, Justin acted clueless when Liam mentioned their cover-up. So could he really be saying the truth or was it a lie?

Justin Is Enjoying His Time?

The only person to benefit after Bill’s imprisonment is Justin. Moreover, he has taken over Spencer Publications. And, he also mentions he has everything under control since Bill left.

However, Bill isn’t pleased to hear something like that and rages over Wyatt. Hence, Wyatt will be confused why Bill isn’t trusting someone he always has. Or, could it just be Bill wanted Wyatt to be the one to run it?

Meanwhile, Wyatt didn’t have any concern as it was Bill’s right-hand man who took over Spencer Publications. Nevertheless, it could be Bill wanted to hear from Wyatt what Justin had been up to.

In addition, Bill never calling Justin even after everything happened makes us believe something could have gone down between them. Could they have already broken off after something happened?

It’s more than just a coincidence how Vinny walked right in front of Bill’s car out of any other car in L.A. So, could Justin have schemed everything in order to sit on the throne at Spencer Publications?

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