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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Enraged Over Justin – Thomas Shocked At Liam’s Request?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Hope Logan will visit Liam Spencer in prison. Firstly, Hope talks about why he asked Thomas Forrester to look after her. Moreover, she asks him if he has given up on getting out.

Likewise, Hope encourages Liam not to give up and have faith. Also, she mentions she is proud as it took a lot of strength for turning himself in. Nevertheless, the two show love to each other despite being separated.

Bill Rages At Justin?

Meanwhile, Bill Spencer meets with Justin Barber and Wyatt Spencer in another jail visiting area. And, Wyatt can’t believe his father and brother are in prison. However, Bill assures him he will do whatever to get out of there.

In addition, he complains to Justin about not getting them out of there. But, Justin replies it was because both of them confessed to covering the scene. However, Bill gets mad at him and tells him to do anything to get them out of there.

On the other hand, Wyatt mentions the company and Justin says he has been doing good running it since Bill got imprisoned. Since Bill pays Justin to take care of his illegal mess, he really can’t take how hasn’t been freed yet.

Likewise, he also fumes to Wyatt why Liam couldn’t leave things alone. But, Wyatt replies Liam couldn’t have lived with it. And, Bill gets emotional that Liam is too good of a person but doesn’t want Wyatt to go through something like this.

Beth And Douglas Need A Father?

Nevertheless, Thomas is shocked over the fact Liam asked him to look after his family. However, Ridge Forrester replies it’s because of Thomas’s hardworking nature that has made him trustworthy.

At the exact moment, Brooke Logan arrives and wants to know what they are talking about. After hearing Ridge, she mentions the last thing they need is Thomas’s rage for Liam. And, Thomas mentions he wanted to hear it from Liam himself.

Moreover, they talk about Steffy Forrester and Finn Finnegan who can take care of Kelly Spencer. However, Hope is left alone with Elizabeth and Douglas Spencer. As Brooke doubts Thomas could take advantage of the situation, he mentions he has no intention as such.

Lastly, Hope joins and prays Liam will get out of the prison soon. Meanwhile, Thomas says Liam won’t give up.

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