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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Loses Loyal Pal – Katie’s Back To Comfort Him?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Bill and Liam Spencer have finally gotten out of prison. And, we all can agree that Thomas Forrester is to be credited for saving them.

Also, it seems like Katie Logan will be back for Bill and fire up their romance. So, stay tuned to learn more!

Thomas Proves Himself.

Getting right onto the spoilers, Liam will be relieved that he didn’t have to rot in jail for a whole decade. Also, Liam and Hope Logan can finally embrace each other. And, it seems like Hope will have lots to tell Liam.

Likewise, Thomas Forrester has become the hero of the day. Moreover, he sacrificed his love for Hope in order to get them back together. Also, with all the torture Thomas went through because of Justin Barber, he deserves all the credit.

We know Liam has always doubted Thomas even though he mentioned he had changed. But after Hope tells him all the details, he will finally believe in Thomas.

Bill Punches Justin?

On the other hand, the long-time buddies, Bill and Justin will have a huge brawl.

Justin took over Bill’s place when the father and son were languishing behind bars. Moreover, he also bailed out on Bill by not making a single effort to save him.

Therefore, Bill will be enraged that his right-hand man has betrayed him. Also, Justin will confront Bill mentioning he deserved the co-CEO position in the company. Later, it will turn into a huge fight and the two will throw punches towards each other.

Nevertheless, Justin isn’t over with Bill yet so we can expect countless schemes from in the future.

Meanwhile, it seems like Katie and Bill’s love ignites once again. As we know, Quinn Forrester was the one who destroyed Batie by revealing a video to Katie. And, the video contained Bill and Brooke logan kissing each other.

However, Katie never said they were done forever and she still loves Bill. So, it would be really exciting to see the two back at it again. Also, Brooke recently destroyed Quinn so there’s nothing standing in their way.

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