Bill's Sly Move- Will Never Let Katie Be Happy Without Him.
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Bill’s Sly Move- Will Never Let Katie Be Happy WithoutIM.

I have to say this, I just can’t watch it anymore.

The writers just wanted to deem Bill Spencer as a character of the show, so they gave him anything they wanted to.

I mean it’s like they did not even try to figure out what exactly Bill wants.

And why on earth for real has he gone so mad again.

Bill himself does not seem to know what he wants.

But, for now, it’s Katie Logan that he is obsessed with.

It’s pretty confusing to see Bill give up on Brooke Logan so easily.

But then again, it also seems like he’s after Katie harshly because she is stable now and has another man in her life.

If Ridge Forrester was there for Brooke just like that, he’d be snooping around there.

Regardless, Bill won’t let Katie and Carter have it their way.

He’s made Katie clear that he will never stop chasing her.

So I guess Katie should embrace herself for nothing that’s about to come.

I mean she saw his sword necklace which means he’s fine back to his sinister ways again.

Okay all the rant aside, the thing is Bill may resi=ort into doing anything he wants to get what he wants.

Now let’s talk about Carter Walton.

Colliding Love Affairs.

He has had some kind of romantic connection with Paris Buckingham in the past.

And let’s face it, it would not be the first time for Carter to have walked out on a romantic partner if he does leave Katie again.

So, Bill may use Paris’ love against Carter.

And of course Carter’s weak connection to his own mind and body as an advantage.

If you still don’t get it, Bill may use Paris as his secret weapon to have Carter pull him toward her.

Katie’s certainly going to be broken if any of this happens.

And he will have the perfect opportunity to swoop in.

Also,  tell her that he is the one to always be there for her from all his heart.

I mean common, if Carter’s feelings start getting conflicted, Katie will not want to be with him because she’d had enough of that.

But she will also get down to Bill because that part of her life’s more comfortable.

As in since she’s already lived through it, she won’t have any more surprises.

So let us know what you think about the situation down in the comments section.

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