bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Finds Out Quinn’s Truth – Zoe Leaves The City.

As we know, The Bold and The Beautiful Carter Walton and Quinn Forrester tried everything they could in order to hide their secret connection. Moreover, after realizing they made a huge mistake, Carter wanted to be back with Zoe Buckingham.

Meanwhile, Quinn doesn’t want to lose her husband, Eric Forrester. However, the spoilers suggest Zoe will find out the truth. Hence, she will dump Carter and leave the town.

Brooke Pushes Paris To Reveal The Truth.

Getting onto the spoilers, it seems like Brooke Forrester overhears what Quinn and Paris Buckingham talk about in the office.

Moreover, Brooke will push Paris to tell the truth to her sister. Whereas, she will be crumbling Quinn’s vow renewal ceremony.

Hence, we can expect Paris to have a really heavy conversation with Zoe. Also, she might explain why she wasn’t happy about her reunion with Carter.

While Zoe might be upset Paris kept the secret for so long, she will be more upset with Carter lying to her once again.

Likewise, we know Carter and Quinn lied about cheating on Zoe with Shauna Fulton. Moreover, Shauna pretended to be the woman in Carter’s bed that night. But, it seems like that lie won’t stand any longer as Zoe hears the truth.

Can’t Forgive Countless Times.

Nevertheless, we can’t ignore Zoe’s feelings, she forgave Carter for sleeping with another woman once. And, she even kept her doubts aside after Carter proposed to her.

However, getting lied to again and again is something no one can hold on to. So, Zoe won’t be thinking twice after hearing out Carter had lied to her. Moreover, it was Quinn, her trusty mate that stabbed her back.

On the other hand, Zoe realizes she has made many mistakes in her life too. But, it doesn’t mean she can forgive Carter again and again. So, it seems like Zoe won’t be returning.

In addition, she can’t trust Carter again after getting lied to more than once.

Comment down below if Zoe might have a change of heart. Or, instead of leaving Los Angeles, she might want to stay and destroy Carter and Quinn.

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