Bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Ruins Carter’s Life And Goes Seek Advice From Him.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers reveal that Quinn Fuller’s portrait will get Carter Walton fired. And guess who finds about the portrait in Carter’s loft? It’s no one other than the mighty Brooke Logan, lol. 

We know Brooke will spare no time and rush to reveal what’s going behind Eric Forrester’s back again. It’s bad because Carter had one chance to prove himself once again. 

Anyway, technically, it’s Quinn who’ll be getting the COO fired. But practically, it’ll be Brooke.

I thought that it might take a little more time for the couple to end up together in bed again. But their passion is wild and by the end of the week they’ll even confess out their love.

We know how Brooke can get. She’s happy that Eric is finally out of Quinn’s palm. But, she’s going to get very furious once she knows about Quinn’s portrait that’s hanging on Carter’s loft.

But maybe, by that time, Quarter will not have any regrets. Similarly, Carter is ready to throw everything he has just to be with Quinn.

And Quinn is so happy to be with Carter. She thanks him again and again for making her feel so free. Being Mrs. Eric Forrester was nothing but a birdcage to her. Although she did love the man.

She says Carter makes her feel so free that she hasn’t felt it in years.

Brooke’s Future.

The irony now comes here. Brooke has a huge future planned for herself here. But, discussing it alone with Ridge Forrester will not be enough

Who will she have to turn to? Carter Walton! This is going to be such a great watch. After ruining everything he ever had. And his future, Carter might clap back at Brooke in a beautiful way.

But that’s when she might get her eyes to the portrait. Now, Brooke feels like she will do great without Carter. If it’s really needed. She can go to some other lawyer as well.

But what she won’t want is to see two people cheating Eric again. Doing the only thing Eric had asked Carter not to do. She might think that was expected of Quinn, But Carter’s crossed his line too.

Soap villains love dropping bombs, so Brooke will figure that dropping that bomb will be important. Even more important than sorting her business idea first.

Let us know what do you think will happen with Brooke and Quinn down in the comments.

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