The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke’s Had Enough- Finds New Man Instead Of Ridge.

Brooke Logan is no doormat and she’s made that clear this time.

Ridge Forrester needs to get his acts straight but it seems he still has some waffling to do.

According to The Bold and The Beautiful, even after a whole lot of waffling and soul-searching, Ridge will be back to his waffling again.

You know if I had a penny for every time I called Ride a waffler or saw someone else call him that, I’d be a million and 1 dollar richer.

Sadly, that won’t happen.

Just like how Brooke dream of Ridge committing to only one woman, hopefully, her.

I mean, if Ridge is having so hard choosing between the two women, he should just leave the both of them.

But then who is going to pick him now?

Anyway, everything aside, Brooke may think that she can’t deal with anymore of Ridge and his waffling.

Should we add a count of the word waffle?

Brooke’s Decision.

Getting back to the topic, Brooke may not see a potential future with Ridge after everything that has happened.

So, she may finally decide that enough is enough.

And we may see a new man making his way to Brooke’s heart.

Brooke certainly deserves someone new and hunky.

Even better if he is Ridge’s rival designer.

How great would that be?

Or maybe it’s time Brooke dates someone who is nothing like Rigde.

Maybe a doctor, or just an accountant is fine too.

Accountants don’t have much going on in their lives ever, and Brooke’s full of surprises so it balances well.

Nonetheless, is there anyone you’ve been wanting to see Brooke with for over the decades?

Personally speaking, I want no one from the show.

Certainly not Ridge the waffler.

I hope Ridge spends his time alone from here and out.

Also, it would be great if Shauna Fulton came back.

Maybe she can start a romantic storyline with Ridge while Brooke enjoys her time with a new man.

Anyway, if you have any actor from any of the soap world that you’d want for Brooke, or someone new as well.

Then do let us know in the comments section.

I certainly would love it.

All this waffle talk has made me hungry.

So, while you pick your choices, I’m gonna make some waffles for myself.

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