Bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke’s Unpleasant Surprise, Finn Rejected And In Doubt.

When John Finnegan gets on his knees and asks Steffy Forrester to marry her, things for him can’t seem perfect. But, Steffy asks him if he really wants to do this and if rushing especially now they have Hayes seems hasty.

But, she reassures Finn that this has nothing to do with Liam Forrester. She wants to meet his parents first and they’ll have a dream wedding. But Finn looks uncomfortable.

At Forrester Creations, Ellen von Unwerth is photographing Brooke Logan for a magazine. And right after Ridge Forrester enters the room, the photographer senses chemistry so he insists they take pictures together.

After the article is done, Ridge gets a link and they look at the article. He’d thought that the article was about Brooke.

But Brooke planned a surprise and honored her husband. The headline read that they were the Co-CEOs of the company which Steffy would not like.

But Brooke isn’t bothered. Meanwhile, Paris Buckingham and Zende Forrester talk about the pain Quinn Fuller and Carter Walton caused to Eric Forrester and Zoe Buckingham.

Quarter’s Dilemma.

Moreover, Quinn and Carter are once again at it. First Quinn seduces Carter with words and then when things heat up she says that they can’t.

She also tells that Carter will soon rebuild his reputation and find a model to date. But Carter kisses her and tells her that it’s not what he wants.

Finally, their clothes come off and the rest you know.  Things are at stake but the two of them just can’t take their hand off of each other.

Carter and Quinn talk about him representing Eric in the court and how things could always go off south.

Similarly, Carter then proceeds to tell her that he couldn’t take Quinn’s portrait out and just throw it away. Eric will be furious if he knows that.

But what can a man do when he is in love? So now, maybe all they’ll do is fall in love and talk about the future when they really have to.

Whatever the case, it isn’t looking good for Quinn and Carter’s future. But this also doesn’t mean that their relationship is coming to an end soon.

There’s so much you haven’t seen.

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