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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Carter Needs To Choose Before He Is Neither Eric’s Nor Quinn’s.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest that Quinn Forrester has ended up in a weird situation. Meanwhile, it seems like her divorce from Eric Forrester is happening soon.

No Divorce Happening?

As we know, Brooke Logan ruined Quinn and Eric’s vow renewal wedding by revealing the secret. Moreover, she exposed Quinn sleeping with Carter Walton, who was the ceremony officiant during the ceremony.

Likewise, Eric kicked Quinn out of the mansion and took back her position from the Forrester Creations. So, we can say Quinn pretty much got destroyed as she depended on Eric for everything.

Now the next thing is Quinn and Eric’s divorce in court. And, Eric has created a difficult situation for Carter by making him his attorney. Obviously, Carter can’t say no to him but what about Quinn?

Nevertheless, there’s a huge possibility that the divorce might not even take place. If Eric ends up getting unconscious because of all the stress, who cares about the divorce, right?

Eric is old and his love for Quinn was real. Also, we know he always let Quinn’s mistakes go unnoticed but this one crossed the line. So, he had to take this major step but his body might not be able to carry the burden.

Carter Presents Eric.

On the other hand, Eric didn’t fire Carter as he had expected. But, he didn’t let Carter have it easy either. Moreover, he gave certain conditions if he wanted to keep on working for him.

Likewise, Carter can’t meet Quinn or have a relationship with her. But, what is he going to do?

Moreover, it will be really awkward to present Eric in court for Carter as he was the one to break his marriage. Will he be able to face off Quinn or will he choose her above everything else?

Nevertheless, we can say that Quinn might be dislikeable but her cast Rena Sofer has nailed every part of her. So, does she deserve a more sympathetic storyline so that fans love her?

Would you be affected if Quinn ended up being sick and cried about her love life? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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