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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Carter Nervous After Eric’s Request – Wyatt Catches Justin?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know Quinn Forrester asked Eric Forrester to hold a vow renewal ceremony in order to prove that she was devoted to him. And, the spoilers suggest something big will go down during the ceremony.

Firstly, Carter Walton will be present at the ceremony. And we know, Quinn was the one who cheated with him although Shauna Fulton was mentioned to be the woman he cheated with.

Likewise, the lie did save Quinn’s relationship with Eric. Also, it mitigated the damage to Carter’s relationship with Zoe Buckingham.

In addition, Zoe will also be present at the ceremony. And, Eric will make Carter the ceremony officiant. Also, we can already guess how awkward Quinn might be feeling.

Quinn Corners Carter?

Nevertheless, Quinn wouldn’t be prepared to see Eric making Carter the officiant. But, she might become optimistic as it will reduce suspicions.

Moreover, Quinn might feel relieved after such a long time as she is confident Paris Buckingham won’t be revealing her secret.

Meanwhile, Carter might be really nervous to lead the ceremony. So, we can expect him to sweat bullets throughout it.

Likewise, Carter might also worry if Eric might figure out something’s wrong with him. Before that, Quinn might notice it and take Carter into a corner and ask him to hold himself together.

Wyatt Is Suspicious?

On the other hand, Justin Barber has been on cloud nine ever since Bill Spencer got arrested. However, it might come to an end soon as Wyatt Spencer has been skeptical about how Vinny Walker ran in front of Bill’s car out of any other car in Los Angeles.

So, Wyatt might start working on finding clues that lead him to find out Justin held Thomas Forrester captive. Or, he might just push Justin to do something to get his father and brother out of prison.

However, Justin might hesitate to do so and Wyatt might find it suspicious.

Do you think Wyatt can catch Justin red-handed? Let us know what you think down in the comment section.

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