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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Carter Officiates Eric And Quinn’s Vow Renewal Ceremony?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Eric Forrester might be shocked to hear his wife, Quinn Forrester’s request for a vow renewal ceremony. Moreover, she mentions that she wants to devote herself to their marriage.

Eric Calls Carter?

Nevertheless, Quinn regrets all the past mistakes she committed. And, it seems like Eric doesn’t give her much attention as he calls someone from the office.

Likewise, Quinn complains to Shauna Fulton about how someone from the office disturbed her conversation with Eric. However, Carter arrives moments later and Quinn is shocked to see why he appeared there.

However, it seems like Eric was the person who called him. While Carter is nervous hearing Eric mention Quinn wants to put the past behind, Eric makes him the ceremony officiant. Oh, talk about an intense moment.

Justin Won’t Back Off.

On the other hand, Thomas Forrester is locked up in a cage by Justin Barber. And, the only thing Thomas wants is for Liam Spencer to get out of the prison so that he can be back to his wife, Hope Logan.

But, Justin won’t let any of the Spencer boys as he hates how Bill Spencer didn’t make him co-CEO. After working for years for Bill and handling all of his illegal mess, Justin can’t believe Bill didn’t choose him.

Hence, Justin wants to sit on the throne at Spencer Publications. And, he also mentioned how Bill and Liam won’t be getting out for a long time.

Meanwhile, Brooke Logan tells Ridge Forrester that Thomas didn’t show up at their meeting. Although Brooke wants Liam to return home to be with his family, she might notice something’s fishy about Thomas missing.

Nevertheless, Justin is on cloud nine as he sees a framed picture of Bill and Liam. And, he cheers himself a scotch but Wyatt Spencer arrives at the exact moment.

Likewise, Wyatt mentions he has a contract to take care of. But, Justin tells him he already took care of it. While Wyatt is relieved that Justin always has his, Liam’s, and Bill’s back, Justin smirks, “sure”.

How long do you think Justin can sit on the throne at Spencer Publications? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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