The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Christmas Disaster- Steffy Steals Hayes Away.

Christmas is nearing, and we all know what happened to Christmas the year before, right?

It was the new beginning Sheila Carter had been waiting for.

She was delighted to find out Taylor Hayes was willing to help her bond with John Finnegan and Hayes Finnegan.

And all that woman ever wanted was for Steffy Forrester to forgive her.

But Brooke Logan got on her face and she practically poisoned Brooke’s drink.

So much happened last year; I am pretty sure this year’s going to be no different.

So, Sheila’s plan for this year might be finally taking what’s her’s.

Wicked Games.

She thinks she has a right to Hayes because she is his biological grandmother.

And that woman just can’t understand that even her biological son doesn’t want anything to do with her why would his baby?

Anyway, that’s not the point; Sheila believes Finn will forgive her someday.

But that day is not coming soon.

Deacon Sharpe keeps on saying Sheila should forget about why she came to town a year ago and start living a new life of her own, if she doesn’t want to go back to jail again.

But that is not who Sheila is.

She is as obsessed with holding Hayes in her arms as she is with Deacon, if not more.

So, the next step is certainly taking Hayes with her.

If Steffy is never going to forgive her, she needs to do what’s best for Hayes and herself.

After all, it is never her fault.

So, during Christmas, when everyone is least anticipating Sheila to even be alive, she ay strike.

One moment all of them are happy and having dinner.

And the next moment, Hayes has disappeared from the crib, and none of them know what to do.

But Sheila certainly can’t get past this.

She may even crash the party first to see the look on everybody’s face.

And then perhaps as Finn, Steffy, and Taylor for one last chance.

Therefore, when they are not willing to forgive the she-devil, she will most probably take it as an invitation to kidnap baby Hayes.

Steffy’s happy days seem to be numbered as everything starts falling apart.

Sheila comes back steals her baby, and her parents get on the verge of breaking because of her brother.

How will she handle so much at once?

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