The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Could Liam Cheat With Steffy Despite Having Everything?

The Bold and The Beautiful fans, we have got something to do discuss today. That is, we will be talking about how Liam Spencer has been doing in the show. And, that could also help us predict if his relationship with Hope Logan will be safe in the future.

Likewise, it hasn’t been long since Liam and Hope reunited. And, the two also have their children to cherish. So, do you think Liam could end up cheating on Hope? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

Lope Reunites.

As we know, Hope kicked Liam out of the house when he slept with Steffy Forrester. Moreover, that caused a huge ruckus as Vinny Walker had been waiting for something like that to happen.

Vinny wanted to match his buddy, Thomas Forrester with Hope. So, getting Liam out of the way is what was needed. And, he tampered with the paternity test to prove Liam was the father. This way, Hope wouldn’t forgive Liam ever.

However, Thomas knew what Vinny was up to and didn’t let it happen despite him loving Hope. But, Vinny made another attempt by sacrificing himself. And, Liam was arrested for hit-and-run when he ran over Vinny with Bill Spencer’s car.

Although it was Vinny’s own doing, Liam made the wrong move as he panicked.

Nonetheless, Thomas helped him in the end by revealing Vinny had committed suicide. Also, let’s not talk about how much of a pain it was thanks to Justin Barber.

Liam Needs Excitement.

Likewise, Liam has finally reunited with Hope and has three kids to take care of. Kelly and Beth Spencer are his precious daughters while Douglas Spencer is his stepkid. So, has this kept Liam satisfied?

The fans might have conflicting feelings when it comes to Liam’s happiness. While many believe Liam is happy, some also think he isn’t and he could cheat anytime.

Moreover, Liam might be happy right now but he is not someone who can stay that way for long. He will definitely need some excitement in his life which only new things can provide.

If Liam could have just sat with his needs fulfilled, he would have never cheated with Steffy. But, he ended up two-timing. And, that could happen soon enough.

Meanwhile, Sheila Carter has given a break to Steffy’s marriage. But, if she returns and Steffy comes to Liam for help, he could cheat again. Anyway, only time can tell what happens. So, expect to see some rough patches as soaps aren’t mean to be smooth.

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