The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Creepy Manequinn Retunes- Liam Demands Divorce From Hope.

Hope Logan’s mannequin is still in Thomas Forrester’s care.

Now that Thomas is not coming to work and keeping a low profile, someone would have found that mannequin if it was at his office.

Which means Thomas has that creepy doll at his place.

We also know what that means.

He might have started hearing things from the doll again and started acting on his desires.

Possibly kissing the mannequin, thinking about Hope.

After all, he wanted it for real, but she turned him down.

And now that he seems to have no chance with her in real life, he may make do with the doll.

Liam Rages.

Regardless, it is possible for Liam Spencer to see Thomas kissing that mannequin again, which won’t settle well with him.

Talking about Liam, he may be Bill Spencer’s son.

But over the years, if we’ve paid any attention, we’ve learned that he is a mini Ridge Forrester.

I mean his waffling back and forth with Steffy Forrester and Hope and his rash decisions.

All of the behaviors check the boxes.

That being said, now that Ridge’s things are coming to an end, it might be Liam’s term.

He may feel betrayed that Hope still protected Thomas by not revealing about the mannequin to him.

Or he simply may once again think that the mannequin is actually not Hope and just a doll.

Regardless of the situation, he may pull a Ridge on Hope.

Liam may get agitated and wait around until Hope reveals the truth.

And when she doesn’t, he may demand to have divorce papers signed.

Of course, all the while, Hope will be oblivious to the situation.

But Liam’s not bound to reveal it.

This time though, Steffy is pretty happy with her life, so the chances of Steffy and Liam falling in bed if pretty low.

But who can tell in the soap series, right?

Nonetheless, it is also possible for Liam to think that he can’t be with Hope if she is going to protect Thomas even after everything that has happened.

One mannequin may bring big disasters in the soap series.

Hope may obviously ask for forgiveness, but it may be too late on Liam’s eyes.

What do you say?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.

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